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advantages of my services for you


         Arrange the most qualified, certified doctor for you and most well equipped plastic surgery center. The most important part of my job is to referral a doctor for you depending on the surgery you want to have.

·      Schedule your surgery and all appointments.

·      Arrange accomodation , check in and check out in your hotel.

·      Transportation pick up to and from the airport

·      Airport parking lot fees is included.

·      Transportation and schedule to all Dr.s appointments.

·      Translation services whenever needed during your medical procedures.

·       Be with you during your doctors follow ups in your post op care if needed.

  • Take you to try on garments for surgery, also is included one trip to get your garment fixed before you fly back home.

·      I will arrange a nurse/massage therapist to stay with you during the first week after your surgery at the hotel. To hire a nurse to spend the day with you at the hotel is an extra. See more information bellow.

·      If I am not available to take you to shop or to extras services. I am in charge to arrange you a trustful and responsible concierge  to take you to places you want to go.

·      24 hours assistance by phone and only be in  person in case of emergency.  

·      Delivery and translate the prescriptions to your hotel.

·      Currency exchange ( one ride) please make sure you exchange everything you need in one ride extra rides are extra.

·      Arrange your travel letters both in Portuguese and English to help you to get you comfortable seats or first class and help with your suitcases and wheelchair Back home with your flight company.

·      Schedule and arrange your post op massages at your hotel.

·      Confirm by phone your flight back home with your flight company.

·      Help and translation at the airport on your flight back home.

·      Ordering food outside the hotel in case you do not like the hotel food or would like to eat something different from the Hotel. The deliveries are free of charge. There is a lot healthy food it can be delivered at your door.

·      Accompany you in the morning of your surgery. 

·      Pick you up at the plastic surgery center  after your surgery and bring you back to the hotel . I only leave your room once you have all medicine by your side and you are comfortable.

·      Order and translate to English all your medicine. Helping you to buy your medicine as many times you need.

  • For more information please visit my FAQ page
  • I highly advise you to bring a friend or family member with you, post op care patients easily gets depressed  after surgery. Also the anesthesia can mess with your mood and your emotional. If you can`t bring a friend with you, be aware you need 24 hours nurse package for the first week and it cost extra.
  • I provide the best doctor for you, transportation, arranging  nurse for your post op care  and organizing your trip. 

Post care lymphatic massage and private nurse packages

** 2 hours of massage , shower, dress up garment, wash your garment and change your dressings US$50

**one hour and half massage, shower, dress up garment, change dressings US$40

**6 hours of massage and nurse care: US$100,00

**12 hours of massage and nurse care: US$150

LIST OF Extras (optional) Guide Services

Shopping Package : 1 to 2 hours trip to one mall; translation at shops, transportation to and from hotel.  US$40 per person.  Additional person is US$20. There are 3 different malls in Goiania. 

Grocerie Package:  Translation at shops and transportation to and from hotel. US$40 per person.

Lunch package :  Your choice of several restaurants serving traditional Brazilian food.  Transportation to and from hotel. US$40, plus cost of the meal.

Dinner package :  Your choice of several restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.  Transportation to and from hotel.  No charge, US$40plus cost of meal. 

Sweet Fair package : Only on Sundays after 4:00 p.m .  An excellent place to get Brazilian leather shoes at reduced rates and Brazilian crafts.  1 hour   including transportation and translation.  $50 per person; $20 for additional person.

Moon Fair package  : Happens All Saturdays after 4:00 p.m . 1 hour including transportation and translation. The fair have all kind of food, clothing, shoes, souvenirs   all reduced prices. Price:US$50 per person.

Beauty Parlor Package: Arrange an appointment to the beauty parlor, transportation to and from hotel and translations. US$40 for one hour ( per person).

P.S.The payment will be done in the same day as you are hiring the guide's services. Only cash will be acceptable. (dollars)

  • Package to Dentist, Dermatologist, Eye Surgery, Gynecologist:   Schedule all your appointments, take you to consultations, will be an extra and the price will be depending the duration the treatments and how many trips and time to take you there. Costs vary from US$60 to US$80 each visit.

Booking Support

I can help you in booking your consultation and surgery. I will be organizing your entire trip. I will be the first and last face you see when you are in Brazil. I will be with you every step of the way! For more information go to my FAQ page.

Private Transportation

My car is at your disposal to pick you up at the airport, drop you off at the hotel and then take to the medical center or office. The car is comfortable, air conditioned, and safe. My drivers, if needed, are licensed, experienced and timely.

See my FAQ page for more information:

Extra services

I offer you a professional team for your post op care with private nurses and lymphatic pos op massages after surgery.

Contact me: [email protected]

The first step to acquiring your personalized package is sending an e-mail at: [email protected]