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Frequently Asked Questions about plastic surgery travel in Brazil


A plastic surgery is a bespoke organizing  plastic surgery services and recommending Top plastic surgeons in Brazil  for a discrete demanding clientele that loves saving money while having a great result for plastic surgery.  Its an exclusive service for out of town and out of country patients from germany, U.S, France, Australia, Sweden,Canada, brazilians living abroad and many other countries, who likes privacy and take a worry free decision and trip. A plastic surgery advisor is a personal luxurious experience for patients who demand the very best in services while paying less and expect exceptional beauty results.  

Brazilian cities have good policing, the clinical and partner hospitals are located in safe surveilled neighborhoods and still provide private 24-hour security. Additionally, my clients are conducted in my private vehicle or by an experienced driver for patients who just had surgery.

Costs are higher, because there are more regulations, higher taxes, malpractice and litigation fees, marketing expenses, higher property values, higher everything! Plus you take advantage of the exchange rates (dollar 3 to 1) or more. Even when you includes hotel and airfare you are still saving huge amounts. The nurse  and the lymphatic massages  is  less here too. As an example, only for a post op surgery massage in NY, in the cheapest place is $80 a 40 min session. Here nurse care for an hour and a half with lymphatic massage is only US$40. You save in the surgery and post op care too. A brazilian Butt lift in Brazil with 360 body lipo in many areas and all inclusive in Brazil will cost you around $8,000 with post op care, hotel, private nurse, massages,airfare, transportation, medication, garments, food etc. In the States only a brazilian butt lift cost US$18,000 not included post op care and not included  the 360 full body liposuction. 

There is a widely range of costs in Brazil for plastic surgery. It depends if the surgeon is highly experienced or not,  Just like in the US, there are surgeons who are high- end, which can bring you the most satisfaction results and safety, and are surgeons who have only a few years of practice and did not invested in their practices and facilities. The high- end surgeons are expensive as anywhere else in the world, but you take advantage on the high exchange rates in Brazil (dollar currency 3 to 1 or more) good for you!

No we don`t, because you actually do not need and probably you don`t want it either as the price is incredibly low comparing to the US in America they need to finance because the cost is very high. The reason is because to finance plastic surgery can be very tricky, there is higher taxes, and will make your surgery turn too expensive in the end ,and you`ll have a debt for a long time. People are running away of debts! You will be able to pay everything without owing a single penny. 

No, There isn’t. You will need to make a  connection either in  Brasilia-DF or Sao Paulo.You can get a direct flight directly to Brasilia (capital of Brazil) and I can  offer you an extra service to pick you up there by car. It’s only an hour and a half from Goiania-Go. In case you decide to have a professional in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo the flights are direct. Will be  provided for you, medical travel letters on your back home flight. You  have full  assistance with luggage, wheelchair and better seats in the airplane.

During your consultation, always ask the plastic surgeon of your choice , to see at least 10 recent last results. Go to social midia or reviews to see  my client`s photos. In Brazil, the brazilian plastic surgeons are not allowed by the medical council to advertise  before and after pictures in their websites, doctor`s can not advertise their work in their social midia neither. 

Europeans, canadians, australians, do NOT need a tourist visa, only a valid passport.  Americans require visas for entry and need an application. Now because of the olympic games happening in Brazil, no visa is required. check more on this link:  

Cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, dermatology, angiology, bariatric surgery, eye laser surgery. You can solve all your health concerns in one beauty vacation.

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Step 1 : request,read and sign the agreement containing all prices and information and fill out our health questionnaire and send your pictures :

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Step 2:  Schedule a free video conference or face time with the doctors. Request now via: [email protected]

Step 3: Get a free quote and once you agree with the exact costs,  I will book your flight, consultation in person,  surgery date, hotel etc.

Brazil currently leads the ranking of plastic surgeries in the world and is recognized as the "World Capital of Plastic and Plastic Surgery". When you search, you will find that Brazil and the United States are the  Top countries to have your plastic surgery.  Brazilian techniques are been used by renowed plastic surgeons worldwide such as Brazilian butt lift, face lifts, brazilian breast lift and brazilian tummy tucks, all techniques was created by brazilian plastic surgeons.  Many surgeons come to Brazil in order to specialize in these fields. Also, in Brazil the costs for these procedures are lower for patients than in their native country considering the exchange rates( 3 to 1) and quality. What is the best place to get a brazilian butt lift or a brazilian tummy tuck? Of course in Brazil! Also a pleasant climate in Brazil favors the patient’s well being. Another reason so many people Travel  to Brazil, is the fact that they can tell their family and friends they are going on a vacation abroad and they come back rejuvenated and looking better wihtout anyone to question about plastic surgery.

It all depends on the type of procedure. I will inform the minimum length of stay for each procedure. Some plastic surgeries will require one to three weeks. The most common of the plastic surgeries averages out to 12 to 14 days.

You don’t need to exchange U.S. dollars to come here! What you need to do first is to notify your credit card company that you will be traveling to Brazil. If you have a chip on your card, please activate it in the U.S. Keep in mind in Brazil that Visa, amex and Master card are widely accepted. You can expect to use your credit card on hotel, restaurants, groceries, lab tests, drugstores. You can expect to use cash for: hospital, doctor expenses, concierge, ground transportation and extra concierge fees. If you need to feel more safe, we also offer a Bank transfer in the U.S for surgery payment, we provide you to pay weekly.

Yes, I do. This is an extra service I can provide you. A nurse to spend the night with you at the plastic surgery center and in the hotel are extras. If you are having multiple surgeries all at once, I advice you to bring a friend or a family member to take care of you. Or you can pay private nursering here for 24 hours for the first week. Costs Varies from US$40 to US$150 daily. We do not  have recovery houses in Brazil *more information on post op care by email. [email protected]

Bring one carry-on bag for your hospital stay packed with light clothing. For example, slippers, pajamas, sweatpants, toiletries. Medium sized bag packed with summer clothes. Be prepared for year-round warm weather when going outdoors. Avoid high heels if you plan to undergo plastic surgery or lower body surgery. 

Average daily temperature is mid 80º F and dry. Which is very good for your recovery. 

Anytime is good if you consider the weather. 

In Brazil, there are some cities that are 110V, but Goiania-GO is 220V. 

Yes, I offer you the top in aesthetics to improve your look. You can have your permanent eye brow done here with the latest techniques available in the world, also hair color makeover, makeup artists, massagists. I have a list of recommendation right for you.

I have a widely options of prices and quality of hotels to recommend you according to your budget and city of your preference. I will present a variety of options of hotels that can also offer you an American style rooms, comfort and first class room services. An excellent international cuisine is a very important part of the choice when I select the accomodations for you.

The main reason a patient seeks medical treatment abroad is for a reduction of 50 to 80% of the costs as the high currency exchanges (3 to 1) favors you.  My clients tells me they choose to travel to Brazil for surgery because the quality is better and they feel more comfortable having their surgery where were invented the techniques such as brazilian butt lifts, brazilian tummy tucks and brazilian breast lift.  Also, everybody  knows Brazil is the most popular country for cosmetic surgery in the world, even the plastic surgeons from Europe and the US come here to improve their techniques

That never happened, in many years of experience I haven't any one single case that needed a correction or a complaint. However, it can happen in 1% of the patients. In case that happens, you are free of charge for 12 months. (Except surgical center and medication cost).

We never had any serious case of complication. If someday it happens for some reason, we do have an intensive unit care at your disposal. 

You can check our Top ten plastic surgeons in the US or if you prefer to travel and save for surgery you can check our brazilian plastic surgeons. Quality is more important than quantity. I connect you with Top plastic surgeons,considering the qualifications, intreview former patients and before and after. I also search if there is any malpractice against them. I noticed the top surgeons do not have the time to be on social midia as they are fully booked all year around and have waitting list. I do not select plastic surgeons only based on social midia, website and qualifications/diplomas. My coordinators in the United States also helps me to select Top notch plastic surgeons.

It all depends the neighborhood, and the one I selected for you to stay, is very safe.

In Brazil we don't have recovery houses because my clients do not like to share room or a home with 6 to 12 people. We have tried that before in the past. My clientele prefers hotel with private nurses or frind a friend or family member to take car eof them. I have private nurses available for 2 hours, 6 hours and 12/24 hours shifts *one to one* for you.  *Request by e-mail more information about our post op care packages. contact: [email protected]

Yes, please contact me to schedule your trip. Trainings  are free of charge for foreign plastic surgeons.
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