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About me

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All stared working in the medical tourism field in Brazil year of 2001, as a guide. Most of my clients are now searching doctors in the USA and other countries and I saw the need to expand more our business and the referral system in order to help more people.

After having many clients from abroad and analyzing different plastic surgeons over the years, I realized how hard is to make the right decision as all doctors claims to be the “best".

Most people who get plastic surgery are never happy with their first plastic surgery, and the reason is they don`t know how to choose the right plastic surgeon, in order to avoid spending twice or 3 times more money on revisions, is worth it to have an aesthetic advisor and make the right decision to achieve the results you desire at your first plastic surgery!

After seeing many people choose the wrong surgeons for revisions that resulted in getting an awful experience, I decided to guide those people to help them make the right choices.

My main advertising was word of mouth and through referrals, since technology has advanced in the past years, I’ve decided to spread the word about my services to the world using the internet, website and social media.

My goal is to help you find the perfect plastic surgeon in the USA and other countries who welcomes out of town and out of country patients, save money, without lowering the quality of the treatment. Search our verified members today!